Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hidden Object Box

We made a hidden object box so the kids can guess what objects are inside by feeling the texture, size, and other attributes of objects hidden within
First I let the kids play with and touch all the objects that would be eventually hidden within the box
Next one object at a time was placed in the box and then they got a chance to feel and guess what the object was
They then pulled the item out and found out whether they were right or not.
Next they went around the house collecting objects without showing the other the object they would place it in the box for the other to guess. Make your own hidden box: Materials Needed: Box old sock Tape stuff to decorate outside if desired Directions: 1. Cut a hole in one or more sides (depending on how many socks you want to attach) 2. Cut the closed end of the sock off and attach to the hole cut in the box 3. Decorate the outside of the box with different textures if desired


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