Thursday, October 20, 2011

Camping and Native American Village- Dramatic Play

Hooray for November! A Camping we will Go! 

Set Up: All of you will work on set up. Some of you will assemble our wooden tents that will go up on the loft. These will be our camping sleeping area. Some of you will organize and stock our camping information area. This will consist of maps, brochures, etc.  Some of you will set up a camp fire, cave area and forest stream. Your Lead will help delegate everyone to a task during set ups. Please find some photos of a past Camping Unit and select items, to give you an idea of what we’re looking for with regard to set up.

Take Down: You will all take down the Campground. You will return furniture and items to their original places and recreate the original “kitchen/house” environment.

There will be a lot of temporary donations needed for this one. Please CLEARLY LABEL anything you bring in that you would like back at the end.

What we will need if we go “Camping”:
•Turn the "under loft area" into a Picnic area/ Nature Center. We have the table and chairs and the background furniture what we need is to borrow any camping cookware you might have.
 •Kids binoculars made from toilet paper tubes start making them now we need at least 10
Birds, Nests & Birdhouse Week - Daycare Spaces and Ideas:
• Bug catchers * I found this one does someone want to make 5 of them maybe more?
Juice Bottle Bug Catcher:
• Christmas trees (smaller we need around 3)
• A couple of small sleeping bags
• A sign- This is our old one and I loved it I couldn't find it would someone want to recreate it.
• Small flashlights
• Small backpacks
• Child size beach/ lawn chairs
• Small cooler
•  silk plants (just to borrow)
• Pots and pans (from dramatic play center)
• Picnic blanket
• Maps, and brochures visit your local city hall. Most have free maps for nature trails etc.
• Campfire (a ring of rocks with firewood or sticks in the middle)create flames from felt
•Sticks with "Marshmallows" (felt or cotton balls) glued to the end. Some with Felt Hot dogs glued to the end
• S'mores made of felt
• A River or stream with fish. I would like the fish to have some kind of magnet on them fishing poles with another magnet so that the kids can actually go fishing for the fish.
•Make a Cave (Black- Blackout curtain two panels)
• Make bats, borrow a giant bear, any other ideas for the cave?
• Canteens
• Mosquito netting
•Compasses made out of cardboard. Maybe around 15 of these. Something similar to this
•I would like to make a waterfall coming down the side of the loft on the staircase/ side where the sink is in the classroom something similar to this
faux Water Falls for a set -- made using a PVC pipe frame. Add crumpled brown paper that has been sprayed w/ brown & black paint, some irridescent-metallic door curtains & white gossamer or nylon tulle for the fountains & water fall (plastic cling wrap also works). Paper mache’ rocks made from bags filled with crumpled newspaper (use liquid starch for the paper mache). Spray paint when dry. A few pieces of greenery tucked into the paper give it a "woodland falls" vibe:
or like this

•Please Print out the animal tracks and pictures and laminate them for a game the kids can play in the camping center.
• I would also like some animal tracks made for different animals that the kids can set out so 20 of each animal track. Perhaps bears, coyote, mountain lion and deer. The kids can then make a trail with them that their friends will have to track
• Artwork. Does anyone like to paint? I will look but I think we will need at least one art scene of a forest print created.

• Smallish fake Christmas trees

• Pinecones, rocks other natural elements

• Use vines/ greenery on the staircase rail to the loft as well as on the loft itself

 The school has three of the above tent we will need to put together

IMG_20151130_120033470 IMG_20151130_120037007 IMG_20151130_120043051 IMG_20151130_120046611 IMG_20151130_120309045 IMG_20151130_120311093 IMG_20151130_120514572 IMG_20151130_120518074


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