Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to make Smell Jars

Smell Jars

empty containers such as pill bottles (I have a ton of these stashed under the sink by the bathrooms)
cotton balls
a hammer and a nail
extracts and spices

1. You will need different extracts in a variety of scents. I have a ton so just ask and I will bring them.

2. Put the cotton ball in the plastic container. (NOTE: If you do not have cotton balls, you can also use small pieces of paper towels.)

3. Saturate the wet cotton ball (or paper towel) with a spice, extract, or scented oil.

4. Seal the pill bottle or container with lid.

5. Take the hammer and nail and punch a hole in the top pull out the nail and your done.

6. Introduce to children and enjoy! This is a fun way to teach children about their nose and sense of smell.

** You can use simple extracts like vanilla, raspberry, strawberry etc.
*** you can use essential oils like tea tree oil, lavender etc.
**** you can use spices like cinnamon, cumin, basil etc


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