Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vet/ Pet/ Groomer Store Imaginary Play

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to send you all a friendly reminder that you signed up for the Vet/ Pet Store Imaginary Play center. Barbara would like A LOT of hands on activities for the children. Listed below are your fellow committee members

Group Coordinator: Person A (2 Day)

It is the Group Coordinators job is to delegate jobs to everyone else. To make sure that everyone is helping as necessary. To keep up with communications between group members as well as to make sure that when collecting donations that everyone knows where to go so that everyone doesn’t go to the same exact store. The Group Coordinator must also keep track of all items needed and collected so that they can ensure the Imaginary Play area has all that is needed. The group coordinator is also responsible for setting up a date where everyone can get together to create the Imaginary Play theme and also to decide who will be helping with clean up.
I know it sounds like a lot but don’t worry I am always here to help and I am more than happy to do so.
*Here is an idea for delegation you change the job description or needs as necessary
* Everyone helps with setup and takedown

Members: Person B (Class) Collect Donations and specific items
Person C (Class) Collect Donations and specific items
Person D (Class) Collect Donations and specific items
Person E (Class) Create Something Specific
Person F (Class) Create Something Specific

You will be responsible for setting up AND taking down this center. The setup date will be ---- and the take down date will be---- If you are unavailable it is YOUR responsibility to trade with someone from another month.
There are three sections to this Imaginary Play center:
1. A pet shop with animal and and pet supplies for sale
2. A groomer’s table with (empty) shampoo bottles, brushes, combs, ribbons, and bandana’s
3. A vet table with medical kit, bandages, lab coats, etc (perhaps a waiting area as well?)
The School/ Teacher Barbara has the Following:
• Vet supplies, stethoscope and other medical type items
• Some pet storage
• Some pet carriers
• A few Bug and animal containers
• Cash Registers
• Wire shelving is in the shed to create the “pet shop” in the back

You will need to Create, Collect, or Get Donations for the Following: Make sure you properly and securely label all items you want back at the end of this unit

• We will need animals realistic stuffed toys that can be recognized as pets (natural colors please no pink or purple puppies and kitties), rubber snakes, plastic fish, frogs, lizards and other pets.
• Use furniture in Imaginary Play to create grooming table, vet’s table, etc.
• Create a back drop for the Vet/Pet store
• Pet crates and carriers, dog houses and pet beds (clean please), cat posts, hamster cages,
• Pet supplies leashes, bowls, collars, fish tank, bird cages, pet toys, boxes/ packages of pet treats and food - emptied cleaned out stuffed with newspaper and tapped closed
• Visit pet stores and ask for donations use donations letter make sure you sign it and leave your contact info (among other things ask for the little cardboard containers you take home a new pet in)
• Items for Vet: gauze, tongue depressors, pill bottles, syringes, bandages without the needle (just plunger part) eye droppers other vet related items
• Visit Vets office and ask for donations use donations letter make sure you sign it and leave your contact info (ask for X rays that didn't turn out right among other things...the kids won't care if they are a bit blurry)
• Visit Groomers and ask for donations use donations letter make sure you sign it and leave your contact info
• Pet brushes, combs, empty shampoo bottles, toy hair dryers
• Perhaps have kids bring in pictures of them with their pets?
• Books about animals
• If you are unable to get carriers for pets makes some out of cardboard boxes
*Baby bath for groomers
* File box for vet clinic with files
*Prescription bottles for vet
• Anything else you can think of?

Go to the following links for the Donations letters for the Vet/Pet/Groomers Imaginary Play center please note that there are three different letters each for a specific place you are going these letters are of basic items needed remember you can always add to it as needed. So here they are one for the Vet one for the Pet Store and one for the Pet Groomers Simply Copy and Paste into a Word Document (change Font size as needed)Include the Base Donations Letter along with the specific Donations Letter for the unit you are working on

Please “REPLY TO ALL” and keep me in the loop with all emails so I can stay up to date with your progress and ideas.

We had a groomers station setup

A cashier station for the pet store
And medical supplies for the Vet

Charts with pics of the stuffed animals for the Vets to fill out

Exam tables
X rays and a light table


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