Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sensory Bags

One of my very favorite things to make are Sensory Bags well sensory bags and sensory bottles. These two items just scream preschool and fun to me. They are cheap to make create ours of entertainment, wonder, and exploration and are just plain awesome!

So here we go how to make Sensory Bags:
This is just one way to make sensory baggies. You can check out my Rainbow Stew Baggies recipe by clicking on the link.

Materials Needed:

Hair gel or thick shampoo (I prefer hair gel you can get it at the $1 Store by the tub)
Food Coloring
optional: Various themed goodies, sequins, glitter etc

1. Add hair gel to the baggie just a few tablespoons you don't want the baggie to full.
2. Add coloring and any optional themed enrichments i.e. sea creatures, glitter, confetti etc.
3. Seal baggie with tape
4. place inside another baggie
5. Seal this baggie on all edges with clear packing tape

Space Baggie - Glitter, Hair Gel, Foam Starburst and Black Liquid Watercolor for color

My favorite Baggie ever! Hair gel, packing peanuts and if you like some glitter.

Sensory Bags are easy to incorporate in your writing center as well as your science center.

Have the children practice their Letters, numbers, etc by using their fingers to create symbols on the baggies when done just press flat and start again.


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