Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Make a Flower Stand

We started with some silk flowers a basket and a donated Display Stand from the Grocery Store
I added the basket by poking a hole through the base and securing the back with a VERY large washer so that it will not pull through

I used this drill bit to make the holes in the cardboard to hold the flowers

It was still missing something so we added the Sign up top
I left the strips on the bottom so I could push them through the top of the display so it will stay securely up top without worry of falling down
I used a box from Costco to make the sign up top

Our finished Display. It was super simply very inexpensive (most was donated or stuff we had on hand)

I know these directions seem pretty specific but if you think about it you can use these principles to make another flower stand later if this one is not around anymore (or if you want to create one for home)

It was simple fast, easy and fun!


Cindy Dy said...

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sarah lee said...

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