Thursday, October 20, 2011

Introduction Letter

Welcome to Imaginary Play
Your job as coordinator is to remind the parents that they signed-up for the monthly play area. You can give them ideas from previous years and let them go at it!
• I have created a blog to help you it has all the info and pictures in this folder so that you can easily copy and paste for easy emailing and communication. You can visit it here:
• Email, Call, or put a note in their file at the preschool. Give them as much advice and notice as possible (2-3 weeks notice is best) for the setup email.
• Many of them sign up and then forget; they will make other plans and be unavailable to participate. Its easiest if you send out a monthly notice to everyone with the entire list of each Imaginary play center and who is in each grouping so there will be no surprises and if they want they can get a head start collecting and putting ideas together.
• You need to check the sign up sheet to see if there is a Group Coordinator for each Month if no one signs up you must choose a person
• Use my email templates or create your own using the basic info I have provided you need to let each group know that they are responsible for setting up AND breaking down the center. Give them specific dates it needs to be set up by and taken down by. Generally it is the second Monday of each Month and it is taken down within two weeks.
• Barbara would like the existing Imaginary Play furniture incorporated in each setup. If it is not possible you must find a place in the classroom to store the furniture that is not in the way.
• The school has a lot of items that can be used in each theme. Make sure to always email Barbara each month and ask what is available. Also ask her what she would like the setup and take down days to be each Month in case she has something planned.
• Ask Barbara what the current reimbursement for each month is so you know how much you can spend on enrichments each month.

Group Members can:
1. Beg (For Donations) Use The Donations Letter in this folder, plus any monthly “Needed Items Lists” I tried to make it as easy as possible for you
2. Borrow (from others) We are part of an amazing school everyone wants to help ask other parents for borrowed donations MAKE SURE THEY LABEL if they want something back.
3. Steal (ideas only) Work with everyone to create incredible themes use my ideas and expand, look online for more ideas.

REMEMBER: Have lots for the kids to do! Keep it FUN! Keep it SAFE!



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